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Pathfinder Warranty Procedure

Congratulations on the purchase of PATHFINDER luggage. We are very confident in the integrity of our product/s and as such we fully stand behind them. We go to extreme lengths to test our products to ensure they meet our standards as well as the rigors of travel. Our ultimate goal is Customer Satisfaction and below you will find the warranty procedures available to you.

The first step in that process is to register your new PATHFINDER product/s here on our website.

In the unlikely event your luggage should incur any severe damage please contact us directly via the options below, to obtain a “Repair Authorization Number” prior to returning you damaged luggage freight pre-paid (including the cost of packaging and freight) along with your “proof of purchase” to us at the address below.

Our company repair center will determine if repair or replacement is appropriate. If the product proves defective under the terms of the product specific warranty, you will be notified directly whether it will be repaired and/or replaced at our expense, including the cost of returning the repaired or replacement product to you. If it is determined that the damage is not covered under our warranty you will be advised of the cost to provide prompt repair or refurbishment service and secure you’re approval. The warranty provided herein applies only to and extends for the lifetime of the first purchaser or gift recipient of the Product.

If you have experienced a defect that is minor in nature we also make available a list of authorized repair facilities throughout the U.S. that you may contact/visit (without the need for an authorization number) for those simple types of repairs. Please find a complete list of those authorized repair stations here on our web site.

This warranty is specific to each PATHFINDER Collection so please identify which specific PATHFINDER product that you are in need of assistance with. 

Please find all contact information below:

PHONE: (973) 882-7508
FAX: (973) 521-9247